Here is the list of organization working with SFLC very closely on setting up the computing center, running it, conducting workshops, etc. All these organizations are very important in playing key role in running the center. This list is not in any particular order.

Free Software Movement Karnataka: FSMK has been very actively helping SFLC and local youth in running community computing center. FSMK is one of the suppliers of teachers to handle sessions in computing centers. It also organizes workshop for AC3 students. FSMK helps in installing and configuring GNU/Linux in the computers for AC3.

Stree Jagruti Samiti: SJS is the organization which introduced that there is a area like this where a computer center can be run to train the local youths. Though SJS is not involved in day to day activities in running the computing center, it helps volunteer teachers to understand the local youth, organizing events, etc.

Association for India's development: Most of the time this center also helps local students other subjects that they have in their school syllabus. Lot of volunteers from AID come and handle sessions almost on daily basis on subjects like English, physics, maths, economics, social sciences, etc.