You can be part of this effort with even the small efforts you can put in. Here are some suggestions.

Volunteering at the center: Community Computing Centers always need good teachers. If you want to teach Free Software based tools, GNU/Linux OS, other subjects like helping the kids in their school syllabus, please do contact us.

Financial and Peripheral Contribution: Students coming to the center should be exposed to digital world. Laptops, Digital cameras, recording devices, memory devices, etc are always in need. You may contribute financially to buy these devices. You may also work with your companies to bring in used devices.

Create educational materials: You can bring in good video/audio/text materials. Either you may find it from the net or you may work to create new set of materials/ documents that would help in class room.

Interaction with Companies: Some students coming the the community computing center develop special skills. For example, one of our students mastered GIMP. He created lot of paintings using GIMP. A painting exhibition may be organized by you in your company where he can come, display and sell his paintings.

Start a new center: This will be an excellent help to promote Free Software activities and help kids in your area. We will help you in organizing a center in your area itself.

For further details please contact Balaji Kutty: balaji.kutty@gmail.comor Talish Ray: