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gnu-head.jpgdo you want to do start a creative business of your own
do you want to create sustainable jobs

do you want to write code for India for a change
do you want to understand the potential of
the Indian market


A talk titled

Free Software Business Model

running a creative enterprise ensuring the freedom of software

by Abhas Abhinav
who runs


Date and time
Jun 4th : 3.p.m to 5.p.m : Wednesday : Sun Micro Systems ( open to only Sun Employees)
Jun 8th : 3 p.m to 5.p.m A community event : Deeproot linux office

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DeepRoot Linux is a seven year old GNU/Linux and Free Software company based in Bangalore. Their free software has helped hundreds of organisations (IT companies, corporates, non-profits, garments exporters, manufacturers, service providers and educational and government institutions among others). The deepOfix Mail Server has been downloaded more than 5000 times (as of June 2007) since its public release in December 2006.

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Organised by the Free Software Movement , Karnataka.


Poster :

Presentation: Running-a-Free-Software-Business.pdf

Song :

Lyrics : from the african american spirutual

Oh freedom
Oh freedom
Oh freedom over me!
And before I’d be a slave
I’ll be buried in my grave
And go home to my Lord and be free.
No more moaning
No more moaning
No more moaning over me!
And before…
There’ll be singing…
There’ll be shouting…
There’ll be praying…

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