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Most of you are aware of slum night school that we are trying to run. These centers face difficulties in elevating the interests of the students and populating the days with committed volunteers. Both of these problem fuel each other and eventually the center becomes unsustainable.

How about trying out a personal computer in the center? Will this evoke interests from the students? How about funding a part time/full time teacher in the center to handle the class? There are few I, II PUC and 9th STD kids will be attending this center. One of our friends from Honey well is trying to get a new PC from his company. But, one PC is not enough. We need 2 to 3 more.

This mail is to request you to donate your old PC's and laptops that you may be thinking to replace. Any PC or Laptop with just 256MB ram or above and with 10GB hard disk should do the job. I already conducted couple of classes there last two Saturdays with just 1 laptop. Yesterday(Feb 16), ten students turned up and even 2 laptop can hardly meet out the needs to provide some computer access time to these kids. Populating this center with few PC's will help us and the kids to come together and organize a nice night school, I believe.

Please let me know as quickly as you can on what is possible. Also, as usual, I would like to know who can come and handle classes on few introduction, office, internet access,etc on computers. This center is just behind the IBM office in Bannerghatta road.


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